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Not a keyboard player?

Are you struggling to find something fresh and
cool to do with your songwriting?

Let's face it, keyboards take years to learn to play well and
they aren't really that cool anyway...

Somehow just holding down keyboard pads
doesn't quite cut it?

Do you find yourself often using the same
chord progressions and getting stuck?

Here's a totally new way...

Songwriting loops for song writers

Songwriter Vol 1 - The heavy hitting master library of over 500 keyboard loops, essential chord progressions and variations. Covering many classic and contemporary styles Vol 1 is a must have loop library for all songwriters and beat makers.Works with any DAW. (Moloops are NOT samples, they are drag and drop musical phrases that you can edit)

What people are saying about Moloops...

I love MoLoops...

I tend to write songs by first creating a groove and chord sequence, so this is perfect for me. I love the variations and the ability to change tempo cut and paste, edit parts and change instruments.There’s some really intelligent chord structures that get me away from the 1,6,4,5 progression.
A definite game changer.

Roger McLachlan  //Songwriter/bass player- Founding member of Little River Band

A fresh alternative for ideas and composition

These chord progressions and styles are unique and will assist you in achieving excellent results. I would recommend these loops as a tool composition assistant helper to anyone trying to further their music writing scope or as a remedy  for fresh ideas 

Lenny Sharman //SingerSongwriter/Firefly Soul

Moloops are available as Acid (Wav's), Midifiles and Appleloops.You can adjust each MoLoop for pitch and tempo and edit it any way you wish.

Each MoLoops loop pack contains tons of classic and current songwriting chord progressions, phrases and variations ready to drag and drop.

This is the fastest and most exciting addition to your songwriting tools. Simply drag a Moloop out of the loops browser and on to your DAW screen. 

MoLoops are carefully performed classic and contemporary song parts with many variations. They are royalty free and will transform the way you write your songs and beats.

Use MoLoops in existing songs to create new sections like an intro, bridge, verse or chorus. MoLoops are incredibly easy to use. They fit together like building blocks so you can swap them around to create different phrases and entirely original musical ideas

With Moloops you have access to the great chord sequences in music history. Nobody owns them but you should use them as they are foundational music knowledge for songwriters. They are proven song progressions used by countless artists and modified  to make them into fresh original ideas.

Moloops can be re-assigned to any new sound to free you from the limitations of your instrument and inspire you.That's real power in your songwriting.

Songwriting loops for song writers

Where do MoLoops come from?

MoLoops are the brainchild of legendary Australian keyboard player and singer/songwriter Michael Oliphant. You may know him as the singer and keyboardist with the band 'Late For Breakfast' who enjoyed a successful album in Europe called 'The Art Of Falling'. Michael, co-creator of the world's first online singing course Explore Your Voice, still #1 on iTunes, has also performed with Dione Warwick, Tina Turner, Tina Arena, The Seekers and countless Australian artists. As an in demand producer he has engineered and produced many albums for innovative artists like Katie Slaney, October Wish and Late For Breakfast and classical albums for virtuosos like Yuri Mugerman. His band featured regularly on the Good Morning Australia Show showcasing his eclectic and engaging songwriting style. 

The incredible power of MoLoops is generated by all the variations that accompany each initial chord phrase. This means you have more then enough alternative 'takes' to assemble a piano track quickly that sounds like it was played in one take.

You can edit each MoLoop until it is exactly what you want. Shorten, lengthen, speed up, slow down and transpose each loop so that it does the job. They are designed to fit together and to be swapped about. This is different to conventional loop libraries.

Vol 1 MoLoops come to you in Acid(Wav,s), Midifile, and Apple Green formats and will work in nearly any DAW.

What more songwriters say about Moloops...

Now this is so fast

Have always found putting new songs together to be a bit of a slog. I have tried all different ways but these loops are very cleverly designed and played. I find them just a breeze to use and get a song going in minutes. Well done..

Doug Valle  //  Songwriter

Moloops have definitely changed the way I write...

As a guitar player singer I love to try new things.  I can only really play a few basic chords on piano but these loops are seriously funky and as soon as I grab a few and start writing all these great ideas come. Love these.

Katie Slaney  //  Singer Songwriter

MoLoops Songwriter Vol 1 is jammed full of super flexible songwriting and beat producing ideas played by one of the best pro keyboard players in the business. 
(Moloops are NOT samples, they are drag and drop musical phrases that you can edit in any music DAW)  

Over 500 keyboard loops - essential progressions and variations

Songwriting loops for song writers

For use with all Daws, Logic Pro X, Cubase, protools, Digital Performer, Garageband, Ableton and many more...

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